Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream

Race:  Nurgle
Coach:  Watto
The Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream aim to bring real filth and excrement to all Bloodbowl guests, partners and communities. We prioritise the intrinsic value of our disease by providing an effluent environment to reach the full contagion. Reaching the ultimate goal of 31 flayings in the season should help us start a plague.

Eyes Cream, Ewes Cream, we all scream together.

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Bulletin board from the coach
Nov. 18th, 2020 - old news
Eyes tear through Wraiths
The Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream overcame a somewhat slow start against a well known rival coaches team, the Whadjuk Wraiths to secure a convincing 3-0 win.

The Rottens received first and went with the game plan of violence to try secure their result. But their early attempts at violence left a little to be desired as they struggled to make much of a dent in the Wraiths defence.

Once the Rottens were able to remove Prince Moranion, they started to get a little more purchase and slowly free up some space. From here the Rottens dragged out the first half and got up 1-0, giving the Wraiths little chance to reply.

The second half started with an inaccurate pass that gave the Rottens easy access to the ball. Well into the groove of the game now, the Rottens started punishing the Wraiths more consistently and were quick to score again and lead 2-0.

By late in the game, the Wraiths were running out of options on the pitch and basically spent their time trying not to concede.

It nearly worked for them as the Rottens dropped the ball before getting themselves properly into range. However as the siren was about to sound, a desperate Block got one of the Pestigors into range and for the first time in the match, the Rottens were able to successfully Go For It in the Blizzard that has been raging all game to secure the 3-0 victory.
- Watto
Oct. 3rd, 2020 - old news
Rotten half gets to the Point
The Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream have tangled with the Point Peron Hydras in a game of 2 contrasting halves which resulted in a 2-2 draw and and enthralling match for the 41000 fans in attendance.

The match started with the Hydras receiving and a Pitch Invasion. And buoyed by the roaring crowd, the Hydras pushed hard down the field. And despite forgetting about the disturbing presence, were able to get passes off successfully and scamper away with the relatively easy TD.

From the next kick-off, the Rottens started to set themselves in a cage to try position for the levelling TD. However a moment of being Really Stupid by the Go-Go-Nutt left an opening on a corner which the Hydras were able to exploit and soon ran away with another TD to run into half time with a 2-0 lead.

In the second half, the Rottens took an even steadier approach and started to find a groove with their blocking, successfully removing more and more Hydras from the pitch.

With a numbers advantage and a Blitz, the Rottens were able to push some strong pressure onto the Hydras with some intent on levelling the score quickly and possibly pushing for a win.

However the Hydras were able to make a sneaky break with the ball, soon losing the possession, but pushing deep into the Rottens backfield.

The Rottens were able to recover the ball, but had to change their intent from a possible win, to just securing the draw.

After scoring, the Hydras had to settle with no attempts for a TD from the last kick-off as the 4 players on the pitch didn't have the speed to get within range of a OTTD.
- Watto
Sep. 26th, 2020 - old news
Eyes see to No Elves
The Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream have produced a completely destructive game in taking down the luckless No Elves in a 4-0 demolition.

The game started in Very Sunny weather, however that didnít deter the Rottens fans who still turned out in good numbers and got to see their team receive from the first kickoff and collect the ball from a High Kick.

The Rottens started off in brutal fashion, using their strength and mutations to the advantage, injuring 3 opponents and Knocking Out another within the first 3 turns, whilst having their own Killed player regenerate.

From here the Rottens started to completely dominate the match and held the ball well out of reach of the No Elves and continued to pound away, getting right to the end of the half leaving just 1 No Elves player on the pitch before scoring their first TD.

The No Elves were able to get 4 more players back onto the pitch and threw for a completion just before the half time siren, however werenít able to do anything else that helped their cause.

In the second half the Rottens has a huge numbers advantage and used it by pressuring the No Elves ball carriers straight away, securing the ball for themselves whilst continuing to hurt the No Elves. Wasting no time, they scored a second TD.

From the next kickoff the No Elves only had 4 players available and again had no answer to stopping the relentless pressure from the Rottens who were again able to score, leaving just 3 players for the No Elves with moments left in the game.

There was still enough time for the Rottens to score again though as they finished the game with a quick 4th TD and again only 1 No Elves player left on the pitch.

Whilst the Rottens caused 10 casualties in total, it was Blocky Load who had possibly the best individual game of any player, scoring a TD, Killing an opponent, Seriously Injuring 2 others and Badly Hurting 3 more.
- Watto
Aug. 2nd, 2020 - old news
Bareskin slips past Failure
The Bareskin Rottens Eyes Cream have evened the ledger against a well acquainted opponent of theirs in the form of the Ratastrophic Failure and got a 2-1 win.

The match started with slightly more Failure fans and the Rottens kicking to the Failure. Some Brilliant Coaching helped both teams devise more adventurous game plans as well.

Early in the half, the Rottens were causing a lot of disruption to the Failure's plans and nearly got the ball multiple times, however the Rottens just couldn't secure the ball, and the Failure were still able to sneak in and collect the ball to score the first TD.

For the rest of the half, the Rottens fell into a traditional game plan of a steady push forward, whilst trying to hurt as many Rats as possible, even outsmarting some Side Stepping Gutter Runners along a sideline and forcing them into the crowd. And as the half was coming to an end, the Rottens levelled up the score.

As the second half started, a Riot saw the clock tick away whilst the refs tried to calm the crowd before play could commence again.

With less time, suffering a few hard kncoks themselves and struggling to remove 1 last pesky Gutter Runner, the Rottens decided to play a safe game and hold the ball as long as possible, however got too close to the endzone and were pushed in to score giving the Failure a couple of turns to equalise.

A Quick Snap gave the Failure a glimpse of opportunity, however a wayward pass early meant they weren't able to get in range which meant both teams tried their hardest to hurt each other for the delight of the fans until the siren sounded.
- Watto
Tournaments played:
KBBL 2017 S1, KBBL 04
Trophies won:
Championship: KBBL 04
3rd place: KBBL 2017 S1
KRAGS: KBBL 2017 S1, KBBL 04




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