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Race:  Underworld Denizens
Coach:  Watto

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Nov. 18th, 2020 - old news
Warpstone rewrites the Boobooks
The Dull Warpstone Loathers finished off their surprisingly good season in a positive manner with a desperate win over the early season favourite Bedeforde Boobooks.

The match seemed to start in a very positive manner with the Loathers Killing And Badly Hurt opponents with their first 2 blocks and Knocking Out another. However after making steady progress up the field, a frequently Really Stupid Troll started to take effect and opportunities came for the Boobooks.

With a free ball, they snuck in, seizes it and sent the long bomb downfield to be easily caught and a TD scored soon after.

The Loathers didn’t panic however and soon got into a position to even the score at the half, however some more misfortune for the Loathers saw that opportunity disappear before their eyes, and a seemingly tough task get even harder, as they’d be kicking in the second half.

The second half saw fortunes turn for both teams though, as some Perfect Defence to start the second half, gave the Loathers some impetus.

It was the bad fortune of the Boobooks that made the big difference though, as they failed a Block and lost the ball. The Loathers were quick to recover it and took their opportunity to score a levelling TD.

From the next kickoff, the Loathers got a Blitz and were able to put extreme pressure on the Boobooks despite not making it to the ball.

A fumbled pass by the Boobooks gave the Loathers the opportunity they needed and soon the Loathers were in possession of the ball and racing towards the endzone.

The Loathers also started to find their range with their fists again, dwindling the numbers of Boobooks enough to stifle any pressure they could exert.

As the clock raced to an end, the Loathers just managed the situation so that they didn’t have to score too early and give opportunities back to the Boobooks, and just before the clock expired, they stepped over the line to secure one final win for the season.
- Watto
Nov. 16th, 2020 - old news
Loathers push past Karnijj
The Dull Warpstone Loathers suffered the wraith of the Kadrak Karnijj Kompany in a brutal affair, but still managed to sneak away with a win.

The match started with the Karnijj receiving and settling into a slow grind. However an early slip in their grinding motion gave the smallest sliver of an opportunity to the Loathers.

Upon seeing the opportunity, the Loathers were able to knock the ball free before picking it up themselves, once they had ball in hand, they tried to create some space, however the Karnijj were relentless in their pursuit of the ball.

What ensued was a small scuffle for the ball after which the Loathers were soon able to secure the ball again and make another break before sneaking in the first TD of the game.

As the half was coming to a close, the Karnijj pushed to level the score, however with a lack of speed on the team, the soon found themselves too far away to score, so instead worked on punishing the Loathers.

With low numbers the Loathers had plans of scoring as quickly a possible, however a Blitz by the Karnijj turned those plans completely on their head. The Loathers tried to use a pass to bust free into the backfield, however an Intercept by a Black Orc ended those plans and put the Karnijj in position to even the score, which they did shortly after.

With numbers dwindling further, the Loathers got another opportunity to score and had to struggle into position for it. Knowing the Karnijj could easily score themselves, the Loathers took the risk of slowing their drive which only just paid off.

As the siren was about to sound, the Loathers scored to secure a 2-1 win, however now have to look at hiring new players after the carnage delivered by Karnijj.
- Watto
Nov. 16th, 2020 - old news
Warpstone shoots over the Moon
The Dull Warpstone Loathers Have overcome a slow start against the Green Moon Gitz to secure a 3-1 win.

As the Loathers kicked off, the Gitz made a strong start to the match, moving the ball well and keeping the Loathers at bay. And scoring to take the early lead.

Unfortunately for the Gitz, their bribes weren't paying off as well and their numbers started to dwindle. which helped the Loathers get back in the match and by half time, the Loathers were able to level the scores.

In the second half, the Loathers really got into the swing of it, specifically with their fists as they started to punish the Gitz into the pitch. With the Gitz numbers dwindling, the Loathers quickly scored a TD and stole the lead.

With plenty of time still on the clock and no Trolls to help the Gitz score quickly, the Loathers continued on their strong push for TD's and managed to turn over the Gitz and score their 3rd TD before the match came to an end.
- Watto
Oct. 3rd, 2020 - old news
Warpstone shine tricked by Deceivers
The Dull Warpstone Loathers struggled through their round 5 match against the Blight City Deceivers after only just managing to draw the game in the last moments of the game.

It was a match that looked like it was going to start well despite the Deceivers receiving, as the Loathers got the Blitz and managed to recover the ball from the kick-off.

However due to some weak blocks, they were unable to create a cage and progress the ball any further down the field, and soon found themselves turned over.

From here the Loathers gave up the first TD and then when they got the ball themselves, they were unable to progress the ball to tie the match, meaning they went into half time behind.

In the second half, with a few players starting to get injured, the Loathers soon ran out of options and had to spend the half trying to move a slow cage before a break out late.

The break out was caught by the Deceivers and they managed to recover the ball. But some desperate work late by the Loathers meant they could turn over the ball and then have a Goblin sneak through to score what seemed for much of the game, an unlikely TD.

The last drive of the game saw near to no time for the Deceivers to score which resulted in the 1-1 draw as the final siren sounded.
- Watto
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