Kingsbane Broncos

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Watto
The Kingsbane Broncos were one of the first Chaos Dwarf teams accepted into the expanded Normal Super Well Real Footballers League (NSWRFL). They enjoyed great early success and became one of the dominant teams of the league. With the new found dominance and dislike of the trends of the NSWRFL, the Broncos played a significant role in starting the Super League Wars. They now compete in the unified Notional Rugby League (NRL) but play in side leagues like the WAFFL. The Broncos training facility and club house are based beneath Red Hill.

Kingsbane Broncos team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 6th, 2020 - old news
And You Will Know the Broncos as Champs
The Kingsbane Broncos have completed a rare feat in the Blood Bowl final against possibly their toughest opponent, AYWKUBTTOD, completed a perfect season with no losses, as the win the final and become the Blood Bowl champions.

The game attracted a huge number of fans, 74k, in perfect blood bowl weather and a number of support staff with the underdog AYWK. They brought with them a wizard, a keg, a sack of coins for a bribe and some wandering apothecaries amongst others.

The Broncos received and quickly found out that AYWK were a much improved outfit compared to the first time they played, and subsequently more resilient. It was a matter of both teams going blow for blow as the Broncos slowly edged the ball downfield.

Once in a seemingly decent position, with most the AYWK players on the wrong side of it, a wizard sent a lightning bolt down from the sky to BH the hobgoblin ball carrier. This game AYWK the opportunity to recover the ball. It was short lived though as the Broncos were able to spill it free and recover it before winding some time off the clock before scoring late in the first half.

This gave AYWK an opportunity to push for a TD, however their chances took a big dive when their star runner Conradia was Knocked Out, and subsequently didn’t return for the rest of the game.

With the Broncos leading at half time, it looked positive as they headed into the second half, however they stuttered intermittently early through the half nearly found themselves caught out of position.

However some constant and dogged defence kept them within striking distance at all times and ultimately applying enough pressure to force tough moves from AYWK.

The failed dodge from The RocknRolla late in the half proved to be the key moment that gutted the chances of AYWK to level the score as they were never quite able to recover the ball to score.

And as the final siren sounded, the Broncos secured their own piece of history, becoming the first team to win multiple titles, complete the perfect season with 10 wins from 10 matches and extending Coach Watto’s number of championships.
- Watto
June 25th, 2020 - old news
Broncos enact Group Hate for Nuffle
The Kingsbane Broncos have booked themselves a place in the Blood Bowl after inflicting lots of hate on the Nuffle Hate Group.

The Broncos were the first to receive and took the opportunity to inflict the pain early. Through the first half, they managed to casualty 3 players and KO 4, whittling down the numbers to comfortably walk in the TD very late in the half.

NHG had no time to force any reply in the final moments of the half, and thankfully for them, a Patch Invasion didn’t make it worse either. They were able to recover 3 players from being KO’d though.

In the second half, the low numbers really put pressure on NHG early and the Broncos confidently closed up to a scrum. NHG were able to make a bold blitz midway through the half though to give them a sniff of scoring. However with only 3 players on the pitch by that stage, the opportunity was short lived with the Broncos securing the ball shortly after.

Once they had back in hand though, the Broncos smashed the remaining NHG players from the pitch to spend the last 3 turns with an empty field for them to celebrate on before scoring on the siren.
- Watto
June 8th, 2020 - old news
Broncos stop the Necro from rising
The Kingsbane Broncos have finished the regular season undefeated and ensured themselves a Semi Finals spot for the Blood Bowl after overcoming the Necro-Comicons in the final moments of their game.

The Broncos started out as heavy favourites for the game and were interested to see the extra players brought in by the Comicons, Wilhelm Chaney plus a couple of mercenary Flesh Golems, plus a number of supporting staff like a wizard, Halfling Master Chef and some kegs.

The Broncos received first and started strong, causing 2 casualties and stunning a number of opponents, giving them a good opportunity to grind for an easy TD, however with the Handling Master Chef whipping up a cracking meal, the players were distracted, so they decided not to rush through the first half.

Whilst the Broncos were able to whittle down their opponent on the pitch, due to the regenerative abilities of the Comicons, the numbers just didn’t go down when the drive ended with the Broncos leading 1-0.

In the second half the Broncos were down a player, but quickly evened the numbers up and postured to attack there ball carrier. And after initially knocking the back free from the ghoul, it bounced straight the Logan Lupine who gobbled to the ball.

Shortly after, a Fireball descended onto the pitch and smashed into 3 Broncos players, resulting in a KO and stun. This helped create a little gap for the Comicons to dash through. And from here Logan was able to survive at least 4 blocks against him to get to a point where he was eventually able to make a difficult dodge away for the equalising TD.

With a quarter of the game remaining, the Broncos again went on the offensive. Again punishing the Comicons to put themselves in a position to score as the siren sounded.

Whilst the Broncos were violent in this match, causing 7 casualties, the Comicons laughed off every single one, regenerating from them all to at least head into the finals with a full strength team.
- Watto
May 16th, 2020 - old news
Broncos punish the Sinners
The Kingsbane Broncos have come out of the Corona Virus postponement of the season with a sluggish win over the Sunset Sinners.

A healthy crowd turned up with perfect Blood Bowl weather and as the teams were running into the pitch, it was obvious that Thrustin Wedges has been given a Spiked Sports Drink as he started acting Really Stupid.

The Broncos received first, and seeing that both Lord Borak and Max Spleenripper has been hire’s by the Sinners, they wanted to stamp their authority, although Max wasn’t on for the first drive.

The Broncos targeted Lord Borak with their first blitz, and even piled on, despite the rush of a sneaky boot. And the Boy came quickly, with the Foulest of Fouls resulting in Apex Den being Knocked Out for the rest of the match.

Being a little rusty, the Broncos missed some opportunities to hurt their opponents effectively and often left them stunned, or missed opportunities to crowd surf them, and when they failed a dodge and lost control of the ball, it was a few minutes before they could assert dominance again and make a break downfield.

Once downfield though and things looking to be back on track, the Broncos decided to stall until the end of the half. But just before the half ended, a hidden pair of Knuckledusters knocked the ball free. And when the Broncos tried to collect the call again to score, they just couldn’t handle it and walked into the sheds without scoring.

After the break the Broncos came out with a man disadvantage, but their experience started to show through and after bashing their way to a numbers advantage, it was obvious that an All-out Blitz was going to give them the edge they needed. They secured the ball immediately and made for the end zone again, this time getting across the line. But not before the Sinners got angry and decided to Get ‘Em Lads, to little effect.

With just a few minutes remaining and more of a numbers advantage, the Broncos pushed hard to try and score 1 final time, but again struggled to handle the ball and were unable to get another TD.
- Watto
Tournaments played:
WAFFL Open, WAFFL Open: S2, W.C.L. Season 5, WCL S7
Trophies won:
Bloodbowl: WCL S7
Championship: W.C.L. Season 5
2nd place: WAFFL Open: S2
3rd place: WAFFL Open
WCL: W.C.L. Season 5, WCL S7






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