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Coach:  Watto

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July 28th, 2021
Thriller survive some broken Bones
Thriller matched up against the first of the Undead teams they’ll verse this season, The Strolling Bones, and despite taking some punishment, managed to secure the win late with some desperate defence.

The Bones kicked off and with the assistance of some last minute mutations from Professor Fronkelheim. Thriller we’re up for the challenge though and made some inroads and managed to remove one of the players with a mutation.

However as the half progressed, Thriller stuttered a little bit, as one of the mutations, a Prehensile Tail made dodging a bit harder and soon found the ball carrier under a lot of pressure.

Thriller were able to recover though and soon got into a position of relative safety. With the half nearing an end, Thriller decided that trying to hurt the Bones would be a a good plan, but soon found out that the Mummies from the Bones would do it better. Thriller still managed to score though and set themselves up for a lead.

As the second half started, the Mummies kept hitting hard, however Thriller were able to instead use speed to their advantage to put a lot of pressure on the Bones ball carriers whilst also removing both the Bones’ Wights in quick succession.

Thriller soon we’re turning over the Bones after rushing down field, but the Bones were determined and soon were able to turn the ball back over quickly.

And as Thriller stumbled a few times from regulation dodges, soon made a bit of a break to try get the equaliser.

Thriller became desperate though and with their speed still in their pocket and a dropped catch helping keep the Bones with better range, Thriller were able to stop the momentum.

Late with the ball loose, Thriller tried to get the ball deep themselves, but a failed dodge again left the Bones in with a sniff of an equaliser, however they in turn failed their own dodge and fell short of the equaliser leaving Thriller as the 1-0 winner.
- Watto
July 28th, 2021
Thriller perform the best Stunts
Thriller have taken on the first of the vampire teams they’ll verse this season against the Cunning Stunts and come away with a strong 3-0 win despite some famous stars joining the Stunts.

The Stunts managed to find enough money to convince both Frank’n’Stein and Helmut Wulf to play for them and whilst Frank tried to earn his money, Helmut wasn’t around long enough to have justified the cost.

The Stunts received first and tried their best to position strongly and hurt Thriller as much as possible, but Thriller came out even stronger, injuring both a Vampire and Helmut straight away and giving themselves an immediate numbers advantage.

With the numbers on their side, Thriller soon turned the ball over and tried to wither the Stunts numbers more before scoring late in the half.

In the second half, Thriller were in a strong position with a strong numbers advantage and put tremendous pressure on the Stunts. Throughout the half they kept up the pressure scoring quickly to take a 2-0 lead.

As they kicked off again, they used their numbers advantage to quickly turnover the Stunts again before securing the last TD and continuing their strong start to the season.
- Watto
July 8th, 2021
Thriller still Chosen of the Gods
Thriller have started their second season with a win in their season opener against a rookie Chaos team, Chosen of the 6 Gods, with a commanding 3-0 margin.

The Chosen might not have been stars themselves, but then managed to convince a star to join them and an entourage of famous staff, including a Chaos Wizard, Papa Skullbones, Schielund Scharlitan and Hakflem Skuttlespike.

The match started with a High Kick as Thriller received the first kickoff, but knowing there were extra rewards available for specific plays in this season opener, Thriller has half a mind towards those goals rather than just focusing on scoring.

As a result, it seemed like Thriller were actually off their game a bit and were hardly able to hurt the rookie Chaos players, or even necessarily hold the ball the whole time.

As the half was nearing an end, Thriller had secured the ball after a few back and forth plays and were in a position to score just as a Thunderbolt came from the direction of the Chosen dugout causing the ball to come loose. Thriller however were still in a good position and still managed to collect the ball, and headed into the break with a 1-0 lead.

As the second half started, the Chosen were able to posture well into Thriller’s half, however their attempt to cage fell apart too soon and left a relatively risk free gap for Thriller to take advantage of, and soon then had secured the ball themselves and injured the Minotaur on the way.

Half way through the half, they scored and got ahead 2-0 and with the mojo coming back in the second half, they started casting an eye again to some of the rewarded plays.

As the game got started again, the Chosen were suffering with a lack of numbers and were soon overwhelmed and unable to keep the ball in their hands. From here Thriller secured the ball and quickly got themselves in an untouchable position.

S as the game was beating an end, they went for their most unnecessary play of the game, the Dynamic Landing, which was a success before scoring a further TD and as a result, continued the team’s undefeated run.
- Watto
June 3rd, 2021 - old news
A Thriller on Championship Knight
Thriller have snuck home with the victory in the dying seconds against the Drakenhof Knights in the WCL Championship match, winning 2-1.

It was the top 2 teams facing off for the grand prize, both teams coming in with some strong form and strong coaches who have previously delivered teams Championships and even faced off in a final before.

The match started off in Sweltering Heat, Thriller received first, and they brought along some star power in the form of Bryce “The Slice” Cambuel.

The Knights started with some Solid Defence, trying to slow down and man up more Thriller players. As the game progressed, both teams managed to slowly remove opponent players from the field, however nothing permanent was forthcoming. Throughout though, Thriller have solidly kept the ball safe and managed to secure a TD right at the last minute.

As the drive ended, a successful Argue of the Call on Bryce meant he was able to stay in the match, but after suffering from the Sweltering Heat, he wasn’t to come back after the halftime break.

In the second half, again Thriller suffered a lot from the Sweltering Heat, however they still managed to eventually dislodge and recover the ball from the Knights after a “cutting” blitz by Bryce.

It was short lived though as the ball was immediately dislodged and recovered by the Knights who scored straight away.

As the subsequent last drive started, it was the first time that Thriller adjusted to the Heat better. However the knights started to find their range better with their blocking and started removing some Thriller players.

Thriller started to see the writing on the wall and saw that some desperate moves were required. After getting pinned on a sideline, they managed to make a little break deep into the backfield.

Once deep the Knights also saw that they needed to be a bit more desperate as well and managed to get one player back to dislodge the ball. Thriller managed to get just 1 werewolf in to support after some desperate disadvantaged blitz and dodging into tackle zones.

To try catch the action, the Knights got a zombie back to mark the werewolf, but the resulting pick up attempt failed, and after the crowd played keep away for a little bit, the ball finished next to the Knights zombie.

From here Thriller managed to get some support from the ghoul downfield before the werewolf blitzed the zombie off the ball and then secured the ball and scored to win on the siren.

The result sees coach Watto win his fourth WCL season and remain the only coach to win multiple WCL seasons.
- Watto
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